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Hello. I like to draw things. Mainly Teen Titans art but also stuff from other shows/games on occasion too. I'm open to taking requests so feel free to pm me if you have an idea and if I'm interested enough in it then I'll try to draw it.

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Making some changes

Posted by RavenRavenRaven - December 4th, 2021

Hey everyone. Due to my slowpoke nature as an artist, I've decided to abandon doing the whole art dump thing and opted for something that allows me to share art more frequently such as releasing new art at the end of each month. Usually I like to wait until I have finished every image in a set of requests before I surprise everyone with them in an art dump but I feel like at the current rate I'm going it takes me about 4-5 months for me to do that which is honestly too long of a wait for people following me outside of patreon.

Ultimately I want to share my art with everyone and I don't really like withholding my art from everyone for this long. It'll mean I probably won't be doing art dumps anymore but I'll be able to share art with you all more frequently which I rather prefer. I'll be uploading all the art I've done up to now and then shortly after December ends I'll upload all the art I made during that month and hopefully continue that pattern throughout next year.



That is fine by me :D

thats cool

Thats good. I always found it odd that you did these random art dumps of dozens of pics. It honestly made me just kind of scroll through them and not enjoy them as much as if they were posted one at a time but more frequently. Kinda like how a Netflix show that dumps all 12 episode for binging makes it so most people rarely discuss individual episodes and the whole show becomes a blur, compare that to the hype of each episode of things like Mandalorian or GoT. Point is, good change.

You know I never looked at it like that. I never intended to diminish the value of each individual pic by posting them all in a bunch. I just thought it would be nice to give people some variety so there is a little bit of something for everyone. But I can also see what you're saying that the art dumps could be overwhelming people and making it all feel like a blur. Here's hoping then that uploading monthly will strike a balance between still giving people some art while not being overwhelming at the same time.

Now I can get my fix of giant curvaceous ladies on a slow drip. Nice.